DYGO.STUDIO handcrafted, organic, natural and environmentally conscious body soap packed in plastic free packaging.


Dygo’s ethos is inspired by Permaculture ethical principles:

Care for people

Dygo invites us to care for ourselves and other people, while meeting our needs in sustainable ways. That is why Dygo’s creations are made just from natural and organic oils, butters, palm oil free gentle surfactants, herbs, flowers, clays and pure essential oils. They do not contain parabens, SLS/SLES, petrochemicals, artificial colours and fragrances, and animal products such as lard or tallow, avoiding unnecessary pollution while taking care of our skin with a simple and natural product.

Earth care

Dygo believes that we should do everything we can to protect and preserve biodiversity of the planet. That is why all Dygo soaps are palm oil free, as a huge demand leads to deforestation of the rainforest and many species are facing extinction. All ingredients are organic, because conventional agriculture is causing soil to erode and lose its biodiversity. Another massive environmental issue is our consumption of plastic packaging. It is polluting land and water, causing a big danger to us and animals. By using solid products you can reduce your plastic waste, as they last longer than conventional liquid shampoo or shower gel and are packed in a recyclable/compostable paper packaging rather than a plastic bottle. Every little change helps!

Fair shares

Dygo promotes equality, limiting our consumption and not exceeding natural boundaries or exploiting people with our choices. That is why almost all exotic oils and butters are certified Fair Trade. Dygo is also doing deep research before purchasing ingredients within Europe as well and tries to support small businesses with similar ethos. It is important to pay the real price of the products from the start of the production chain. We should be conscious about the amount we consume even when we use natural and eco-friendly products. Use our purchasing power to support what we believe in!